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World Environment Day and bushwalking

What did you do for World Environment Day earlier this month (June 5)? This day is an annual reminder that everyone needs to respect the natural world that surrounds and sustains...

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Ludwig Leichhardt at Mount Royal

Famous explorer Ludwig Leichhardt climbed Mount Royal, in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia, exactly 176 years ago. He explored the plants, animals and landscapes of the area. Today you...

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Callicoma Hill Eco-cabin

Up to 10 people


Ecologically sustainable three bedroom self-contained Eco-cabin plus tent camping

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Mount Royal Bunkhouse

10 people + Camping Area


Self catered Bunkhouse for up to 10 people and camping facilities for groups of up to 50 people

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Mount Royal Camping

Up to 50 people


Bush camping areas in a private forest clearing near the Bunkhouse. Suitable for groups

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