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Prices & Booking

Callicoma Hill has three accommodation types – (1) off-grid 3 bedroom eco-cabin, (2) off-grid 10 bed bunkhouse & (3) bush camping for groups. One or more accommodation types can be booked. We only take one booking at a time for the eco-cabin and for the separate bunkhouse & camping area. This means that your group has complete privacy and you do not share with others.

Accommodation Prices

Couples, small groups & families (max 10 people)
Minimum booking $360* (covers 2 adults for 2 nights)
Additional adults $50 per person per night. Children $30 per person per night
Linen and bedding (if required) $25 extra per person

Families, friends, groups (max 10 people)
Adults $40 per person per night and children $20 per person per night.
(Bunkhouse can be booked in conjunction with camping)
Minimum booking at bunkhouse & camping area $200*

Families, groups & celebrations for up to 50 people
Tents $15 per person per night, camper trailers $20 per person per night
(Camping can be booked in conjunction with the bunkhouse)
Minimum booking at bunkhouse & camping area $200*

*Different minimum booking for long weekends & public holidays - $560 for either eco-cabin or bunkhouse/camping area. We have an additional charge for large firewood use.

We book only one group at a time at the eco-cabin, and one group at a time at the bunkhouse & camping area. The whole property (eco-cabin, bunkhouse & camping) is available for the exclusive use of large groups and functions such as weddings and family events. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements.

See our frequent questions for more information. Time of arrival is by prior arrangement – normally guests arrive after 3.00pm and checkout by 11.00am.

Availability & contact

Please phone (02) 6571 1208, email or fill out the form below to make a booking or to inquire. We will be in touch soon to ensure you understand our location and facilities, provide booking details, and to answer your questions.

Booking accommodation

Before booking, please note our location and that mobile coverage in the area can be patchy, with no coverage at all for some providers in some locations.

Once we have confirmed availability by email, a booking is secured by payment of a deposit of at least 50% of the accommodation cost by direct bank transfer (we will give you this information in the email). Bookings will be confirmed by email following payment of deposit. Note that Callicoma Hill does not have credit card facilities.

By booking, you confirm your understanding of, and agreement to the payment terms and conditions, as outlined on the privacy and disclaimers page on this website.

529 Mt Royal Rd, Mount Royal, via Singleton 2330

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