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Use your Stay NSW or Parents NSW vouchers to visit Callicoma Hill

Use your Stay NSW or Parents NSW vouchers to visit Callicoma Hill

Here we explain how to use your Stay NSW or Parents NSW vouchers to stay in our 3 bedroom Callicoma Hill eco-cabin or our 10 bed Mt Royal Bunkhouse , surrounded by forest in the northern mountains of the Hunter Valley.  These Service NSW vouchers mean that if you book and pay by 9 October 2022, your stay at Callicoma Hill will cost you less. 

$50 vouchers are available to each adult for the Stay NSW voucher, while families are eligible for 5 x $50 Parents NSW vouchers. (Note that the vouchers are not available for our camping).

To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to:

  1. See the details of our eligible accommodation (eco-cabin and bunkhouse) and their prices
  2. Email Callicoma Hill at or call us 02 6571 1208 with details of when you would like to book, and for how many people. We will give you a quote.
  3. Register with Service NSW and apply for a Stay NSW voucher online at  or a Parents NSW voucher at (Note you can’t use both together!)
  4. Identify Callicoma Hill as the place where you wish to stay. See the business finder at
  5. Obtain a pdf version of the voucher.
  6. Email us the Stay NSW / Parents NSW voucher(s) in pdf format.
  7. We will confirm the booking using the voucher(s) to pay the deposit, and advise you of the additional amount to be paid within 7 days of the date of the booking.

If you have any questions about the arrangements or our accommodation, please email or phone us on 02 6571 1208 (if we are out, please leave a message with your name, phone no and date that you want to book, and we will call you back as soon as we can).

We hope to see you soon!

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