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Shy spotted-tailed quoll in nearby Mt Royal National Park

Shy spotted-tailed quoll in nearby Mt Royal National Park

Recent winter guests to Callicoma Hill Eco-cabin include wildlife biologists researching threatened species living in our backyard - in Mt Royal National Park. Spotted-tailed Quoll surveys are providing insights on these shy and rarely seen threatened mammals and their life in the mossy forest. See the biologist's video of one of these Quolls on our Instagram account or Facebook page, and the photo above.

These wildlife surveys demonstrate what a special location the Mount Royal area is for native wildlife, and biodiversity more generally. Spotted-tailed Quolls and other threatened mammal species remain widespread in the area, and highlight the Park's importance for conservation.

We are very pleased to provide the researchers a comfortable and warm place to stay in the cabin after their daily hard work out in the forest! Callicoma Hill also contributes to wildlife conservation by maintaining natural habitat on our own property, close to the National Park, and not allowing domestic animals such as dogs and cats which are incompatible with wildlife protection. We are proud to be Eco-certified by EcoTourism Australia.

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