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Peace and quiet does exist!

Peace and quiet does exist!

Taking time out to relax and slow down can be difficult.

Misty mornings, humming insects, and the soft sounds of breezy leaves have marked this year’s start to summer on our mountainside at Callicoma Hill.

Native plants are enjoying the warm weather, making new growth, flowering and fruiting. Spring and summer see a sequence of flowering - ground orchids to grasses, from Callicoma serratifolia to the White Mahogany trees that have just start flowing, and yellow and white vines and climbers that had a bountiful year in 2023.

Long evenings and silent dark sky nights complement these busy summer days. Stunning clouds and sunsets often take our breath away: the photo shows the fleeting crepuscular rays through the clouds of a recent summer sunset.  How can such fleeting moments bring such pleasure and reflection?

These moments and memories are what guests at Callicoma Hill take home. Plus much needed time out from busy, digital lives.

Seasons greetings. We wish you all the best for your time out.

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