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A white finish to a cold winter

A white finish to a cold winter

This month we saw snow at Callicoma Hill in the northern mountains of the Hunter Valley, NSW! It was the first fall for about 25 years. Around 50 mm of snow lay on the ground and lasted nearly a day.

Wonderful winter scenery on the cold sunny day after was a photographer's paradise. The snow was also a surprise for kangaroos and wallabies who left distinct brown footprints in the sheet of white.

Mountains in Mt Royal National Park north of Callicoma Hill are much higher than our own elevation of around 700 metres. Through the trees we could glimpse much heavier falls on Pieries Peak and Mount Royal. Roads into Mount Royal National Park remain closed due to wet weather damage earlier in the year so we were unable to see them up close.

Martin last saw a snow fall like this year in the late 1990's, so it has been a long time. An even heavier fall took place in 1965, suggesting that it is likely to be another 20 to 50 years before we can expect to get out skis ready again! Hopefully the rest of the world is close to zero carbon emissions from fossil fuels by then, as the Callicoma Hill operations have been for the last three decades.

Enjoy our photos from the last week of winter below and on our Facebook page. See the video of our hurriedly built snow kangaroo, the solar panels at the cabin, and the white dusted trees and grass.

Near the front gate; looking south over the Hunter Valley


Crunchy footpath to the cabins

White dusting for the cabins


Wallaby footprints in the snow!

Remnants of the snow on ferns in the shade

Ferns in the snow




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